SUBRAMANIAN Somasundaram


Current Position: Onco - and Plastic Surgeon; Founder & CEO, Eurasian Federation of Oncology (EAFO); Founder & CEO, Board of Directors of Eurasian Cancer Research Council (ECRC).

Special interest: Oncology, Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Maxillofacial Surgery,
Plastic surgery, Public Health and Health Organization.

1997: Graduated from the Medical Faculty of A. I. Evdokimov Moscow State
Medical and Dental University, Russia
1998-2007: Residency in specialties "Oncology", "Surgery", "Maxillofacial
surgery" at Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia

Professional Experience

2008-2012: Senior Researcher at the Department of Tumors of the head and
neck, Department of Tumor Biotherapy at N. N. Blokhin National Research
Center of Oncology, Moscow, Russia
2012-2014: Senior Researcher, Oncologist Surgeon (head-neck, melanoma) at
Federal Research and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology FMBA, Moscow,
2012-2018: Oncologist Surgeon of N. N. Blokhin Diveyevskaya Central District
Hospital, the village of Diveevo, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia
2017-2020: Head of Scientific Projects and Oncologist-surgeon at Republican
Oncological Clinical Dispensary, Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic
2015-present: Oncologist-Surgeon, MedicaMente Clinic, Korolev, Moscow,
2017-present: Oncologist-Surgeon at Multidisciplinary clinic "SOYUZ", Moscow, Russia


1998-2007: Assistant Director-Program Coordinator of the European School of
Oncology, Moscow Office, Russia
2007-2009: Director of the European School of Oncology (Russia and the
Commonwealth of Independent States)
2007-2010: Member of the Expert Council on Tobacco Control in the State
Duma of the Russian Federation
2008-2010: Founder and Executive Director of Regional Public Organization
"Healthy Society" , Moscow, Russia
2009 - present: Founder and General Secretary of Eurasian Society of
Specialists in Head and Neck Oncology (EASHNO)
2010-present: Founder and Director of Eurasian Federation of Oncology
2012-present: Member of the Working Group on Tobacco Control, Public
Chamber of the Russian Federation
2014 – present: Board Member of Melanoma World Society
2015 – present: Member of the Russian Expert Council of SCOPUS
2016 – present: Founder and Chairman of the Presidium of the Eurasian
cancer Foundation (EACF)
2018 – present: Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Eurasian
Council on cancer research (ECRC)
2018 – present: member of the Board of Fund "Cancer Global Foundation"
2021 – present: Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of Cancer
Foundation “Child Can”, Gorakhpur, Indian

SUBRAMANIAN Somasundaram